How to relieve your period pain with Andrea Hepner

Andrea Strand has been a practising naturopath for almost 15 years. She received a degree in Naturopathy from Southern Cross University, NSW which was the first university to hold a degree level in Naturopathy.

In addition to her qualification, Andrea regularly attends conferences and seminars to keep her skills at the cutting edge, offering the latest insights to her patients.

Having experienced period pain as a teenager, Andrea knew what unbalanced hormones were all about. Then, in year 12 she “lost her period” and the Pill was suggested as an option to “bring back her period”. Hindsight shows that she would have done it a different way had she known the amazing capabilities of naturopathy.

After 7 years she came off the pill, only to find that she had no period for months on end and when she did get her period the block of chocolate would be completely gone (…yes, the whole block), she felt like her insides were going to fall out, she was pale, low in energy and felt terribly irritated.

A diagnosis of polycystic ovaries was made that this meant that she was embarking on a new health adventure to reverse the condition.

Andrea’s passion lies with helping women to rebalance their hormones, decrease their pain and PMS symptoms and help to support their moods pre- period. She has gynaecologists who she recommends and often works in conjunction to get the best possible outcomes for patients.

“I don’t believe that any form of healthcare – conventional or natural has every answer. Often, it’s a matter of working together to get the best outcome for the patient. Each form of medicine has something amazing to offer. If we can blend the two, then that has to be a win for everyone.”

A unique approach blending science with nature, see’s Andrea use the best of both worlds – by looking at a person’s individual biochemistry, and using herbs and nutrients to help improve the healing power of the body often allows people to experience relief of symptoms and in many cases it helps to heal the body.

Andrea no longer suffers from poly cystic ovaries and the last ultrasound she had showed no signs of polycystic ovaries. Her periods have been regular for years and she doesn’t experience any PMS symptoms. Of course, everyone is different, and results may vary. But what Andrea can guarantee is that she will do her very best for you to help get you the health that you want and deserve.

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